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Action might be an overstatement - we think these videos might be kind of boring to you, but for us they were a great experience - we figured out that our 16x16x2.5" pad can hold 260,000 pounds before any warping!!! and that over a void/gap also called bridging!!! Fat pads win!!!! Wow!!!
And.... Prime Tech, Inc. is the only company in the USA that paid and had this type of testing done - no other manufacturer/seller spent the money to make sure their pads are truly safe and do what is
promised - not Dica, not Perma, not Grainger, not Northerntool, not Justrite, not Redwoodplastics, not Mytee. No one else shows you videos with the proof like we do.
We use only material made in the USA, where all recycled particles are controlled for quality. No cheap imports from China where the handles fall off after a few months and the corners crack. 


Pad Testing #1

Pad Testing #2

Pad Testing #3

Pad Testing #4

Outrigger Testing Photos

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