Prime Pads are made in America from 100% recycled plastic materials. They are virtually indestructible when used according to weight guidelines.

They do not soak up water, they don't warp, don't rot, & don't splinter.


Our crane mats are adaptable to any surface and are easy to handle in all weather conditions, from Florida sun to Alaskan or Canadian ice. We offer our plastic Prime Pads in several thicknesses: 1.5", 2.5", and 3.25”. We offer 12 standard sizes, but can cut pads to your specifications and needs.

Ask us about dunnage sizes (eg. rectangles 16" x 48"; 16" x 36" etc)

Give our Prime Pads a try - we know you will be very happy with the quality and the pricing!

We guarantee our Prime Pads for life when used according to weight/load guidelines and proper set-up and handling (the guarantee excludes handles and customized/engraved products).


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Prime Tech Pads - Sizes and PSI/Load Ratings for Square Pads DUTEY


Prime Tech Pads - Sizes and PSI/Load Ratings for Round Pads


Just a Note regarding shape and load capability:

Round pads are definitely easier to handle than square pads, they can be rolled and do not have

to be lifted. Just do not forget that a round pad only has approximately 78% of the surface space of a square pad with the same dimension and holds 22% less than the square.

Outrigger Pads

Listed below are some optional services for making your crane pads safer and making them stand out: 

  • We engrave your name, your logo, and/or phone number  

  • We offer safety texturing and grooves 

  • We offer rust proof chain handles 

  • We custom cut to your size specs

  • We carve round edges 

   See Custom Page for more information 

Outrigger Pads
Outrigger Pads