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When camping in unimproved areas, state fairground, dog show lots, or NASCAR fields it is important to place leveling pads under your motor home’s or RV’s jacks. Jack / RV Pads are however also used in upscale RV resorts in order to protect decorative concrete.

Leveling jack / RV pads serve four functions:

  • they spread out the load of the jack foot onto a larger area to prevent that load from sinking into the sub grade

  • they protect the sub grade (decorative concrete, paver stones) from being damaged by the foot of the jack

  •  provide additional lift to allow the motor home or RV to obtain a level position when parked on uneven ground

  • they provide  an even surface for the motor home’s jack  foot to press against when parked on rocky or soft sub grade 

 Our Prime RV Pads have the following characteristics:

  • they are made of recycled plastic, easy to clean, they do not rot, splinter, or soak up liquids

  • they are strong and come in several sizes to support the load of your RV

  • they are stiff enough to not deflect under the load of the RV on grass, soft, and sandy soils

  • they are flexible enough to conform on a rocky surfaces

  • their thickness provides lift to help you obtain a leveled RV on uneven grounds

  • they are light weight for easy moving

  • every Prime RV pad has a bright rope with handgrip for easy carrying