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Prime Tech Outrigger Pad is made in the USA from 100% post production recycled plastic materials. Sustainability is part of our mission. Our pads are virtually indestructible when used according to our weight guidelines. No more replacing wood pads over and over..

Check the size tables for capacity per size and thickness. Prime Tech also makes RV Pads in many sizes. 

Did you know that Prime Tech was one of the first 2 companies in the US to offer plastic outrigger pad starting in 2002? Yes, for over 20 years our plastic outrigger pads have helped many crane operators save money and time and ensured the safety of their crews.

What is so special about Prime Pads Outrigger Pad?

Prime Tech Outrigger Pad  do not soak up water, they don't warp, don't rot, & don't splinter like cheap wood pads do.You will save so much time and money instead of making and replacing wood pads again and again. Your once in a lifetime investment in these crane pads might pay off in less than 2 years.


Our crane pads, cribbing pads, jack pads, outrigger pad and RV pads are adaptable to any surface and are easy to handle in all weather conditions, from Florida sun to Alaskan and Canadian ice. We offer our Prime Pads in two standard thicknesses: 1.5" and 2.5” and many standard sizes from 12" squares to 48" or even 60" squares and rounds and we can cut most pads to your exact specifications and needs. Ask us about dunnage sizes (eg. rectangles 16" x 48"; 16" x 36" etc) and long strips.

Give our Prime Pads a try - you will be very happy with the quality and the pricing!

We guarantee our Prime Pads for life when they are consistently being used according to weight/load guidelines, proper set-up (no bridging, no corner loads) and handling (the guarantee excludes handles, which can easily be replaced and excludes customized/drilled/engraved products).

Call or text us at 770-594-8608, or e-mail us at


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Outrigger Pads

Here are some optional services for making your crane pads safer and making them stand out: 

  • We engrave your name and/or phone or crane number  

  • We offer safety texturing - no slip or slide

  • Need more handles? No problem

  • Want rust proof chain handles ? Sure

  • Need custom cutting - you got it

  • Round edges - why not

  • Center holes? Let's do it

  • Need strips? We will cut them


Outrigger Pads
Outrigger Pads
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